The internet has become more than just a venue for browsing for information; people now go online to buy from ecommerce stores. With the number of online shoppers expected to increase in the advent of mobile phone usage, the competition for ecommerce sites has also turned a new page – it’s fiercer than before.

Gone are the days of getting sales by simply having an online store. If you want to drive ecommerce traffic and sales, you need to boost your website’s performance.

Here are a few ways to get your ecommerce site into action:

  1. Look for keyword opportunities.

Queries start by inputting keywords on search engines, and these serve as the guide for your customers. When it comes to choosing keywords for your ecommerce site, look for keywords with high conversion value – meaning, keywords that users are likely to put into queries if they have an intent of buying online. Instead of broad terms like “men’s shoes”, optimize your site for long-tailed variations, such as “buy men’s shoes online” or “available men’s shoes online store”.

  1. Improve your ecommerce pages.

When users land on your pages, they would want to see the products you’re offering immediately. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re likely to bounce or leave your site – and this could send them to other competitor ecommerce websites. Make sure your landing pages provide value to your customers. Improve the navigation and place your products where customers can see them.

  1. Make your product descriptions clear.

What are you selling? Can customers see the complete details of your products? Customers are not just looking to purchase; they want to make sure that what they’re buying is worth their money. You need to provide engaging descriptions to prompt them into clicking your products.

  1. Add pictures to your products.

Customers love visuals. They don’t just judge a product by descriptions – they also look at its appearance. Adding pictures of your products on your ecommerce site is one way to get the attention of your customers. Moreover, it’s a great way to optimize your products, as search engines can read the alt image text on your images.

  1. Get more customers through email

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s still an effective way of getting customers. Send monthly newsletters with announcements, such as product discounts or special promotions. Don’t spam customers with unnecessary mail, though. Make sure you have something valuable to share when you send them an email.

With just a few tweaks to your ecommerce site and marketing strategy, you can boost your sales and bring ecommerce success to a new level.