The post production companies, Dubai create compelling videos and finalize different projects to deliver attractive motion visuals for broadcasting or marketing purposes.

The Animation Production Process explains the concepts of different ideas such as a short video highlight the products of the company in detail or a long video usually ends up as a corporate film for the businesses.

That’s why corporate film production, Dubai based companies particularly create flashy images and content for their clients so they can attract a large number of audiences.

For this purpose, we have come up with a list of 7 things to know about the animation production process to help the people get the idea of the whole process and how it works.

  1. Idea

The process includes getting familiar with the ideas of the clients. The videos can’t be made if there’s no proper concept. That’s why the clients are required to explain their business processes and operations to help the professional create the best message for their brand.

  1. Content

It’s not enough to create a killer video with just ideas. It requires setting up the whole tone and content of the video through a script first so that message can be delivered effectively. The creative team is responsible to develop a script according to the video.

  1. Storyboard

The animation process is incomplete without a storyboard, therefore, it’s important for the team to combine all the images and convert it into a storyboard so the whole scene, concept, and layout can be decided in the first place.

  1. Style and Layout

The concept of storyboard provides a layout for the video and sets a style too. To create a perfect style, it’s essential to include backgrounds, text, and characters in the video so that the whole story can be created into a visual mode in a dynamic digital environment.

  1. Voice Over

The next part about the animation process is to insert the perfect voice that matches up with the message of the video. It’s essential for the team and the client to decide if they want a male or female voice and also the right accent for the video.

  1. Animation

Once everything is decided, the video is ready to be presented in a visual way after going through the animation process.

  1. Revisions

The final editing version involves completing the entire process with some final touch-ups and revisions if required.