Features of Polycom Tandem for Video Conferencing

Features of Polycom Tandem for Video Conferencing

When you want to have the best from your video conferencing, you should see the Polycom trio. This will give you the features and benefits you need to make your business a success. These systems have been designed by experts in the field, so you know that you are getting high-quality products. These three products are very similar to one another, but they have been designed with new and improved features. This means that you can save money and you get the most out of the system when you use it.


The first feature you will get with the Polycom trio is the fact that it is very flexible. You can use it to conduct a variety of different types of meetings and events. You can use it for a virtual meeting, where you are able to get everyone together in one room to work on projects. You can also use it to hold regular conference meetings, which will allow you to present information and gather together with other companies. 

Offer highly secure setting:

Another great feature of the Polycom video conferencing system is the fact that it offers you a highly secure setting. All of the software used has been created with security in mind, which means that no one except you will have the ability to view the information that is being presented. You will not be able to connect to anyone else using this feature. This is great if you are working with clients and other important figures, but you do not want anyone to be able to view the presentations you make since this could result in losing business.

You can conduct a conference anywhere:

The next feature you will find in the Polycom video conferencing product is one that will allow you to conduct a conference anywhere you like. Since you will not have to restrict where the participants of your conference have access to the Internet, you will be able to get everyone together in a place that they feel comfortable in. 

Simultaneous Audio and video:

Polycom video conferencing also has the feature known as simultaneous audio and video. This allows you to have two users on one system, instead of three users on separate systems. This is a great feature for a variety of reasons, but none more than the fact that you will be able to handle larger projects and meetings with more employees using the same Polycom system.