You have probably heard the term ‘Specialty Coffee’ if you are an occasional coffee drinker and need that extra hit of caffeine to continue working when laziness strikes. The specialty coffee is a type of coffee that is made up of coffee beans of the best flavor produced in special microclimates. Since the origination of the term as well as the product in 1974, the market for this product has grown rapidly. The specialty coffee association of America (SCAA) grades different types of coffees along a score board in terms of the attributes of the coffee. Any type that has a score of above 80 is regarded as specialty. The attribute of specialty means that the coffee is near to perfect with little to no defects in its taste. Growing such coffee beans require a certain type of rich climate and rich soil conditions which make up for the taste of the coffee.

There are a number of aspects that differentiates regular coffee and specialty coffee. The specialty coffee is actually beneficial for you in several aspects than just taste. Coffee can be beneficial in a number of ways that range from reduced risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia to preventing various cancers. While producing this type of coffee, each step is handled with care.

Now that you are aware of what a specialty coffee is, you can begin your search of finding a café that serves original specialty coffee. Many cafes deceive their customers by serving gourmet or even regular coffee and calling it specialty coffee. It is also important that a coffee served by a café is certified by a Q grader. A Q grader is a professional coffee grader who checks and grades the hosts such as café’s and make sure they are serving what they claim to be serving.

For those who love the taste of original coffee and are fond of specialty coffee, Dubai how has a whole set of hosts who specialize in home grown coffees. You can look up these coffee producers, online and chances are that you will find a specialty coffee in Dubai outlet nearby you. There are a number of café’s in Dubai and a good number of them differentiate their services by serving the specialty coffee, which attracts those who are fond of the specialty coffee. These hosts work from renowned warehouses to supply coffee beans in Dubai because it is not just about serving coffee, it is about keeping the specialty of coffee alive and running.

The only potential risk involved is that too much of coffee can interfere with the sleeping pattern of your body so make sure you take only a safe amount of coffee.