Oat milk is one of the best substitute of dairy milk for the people who are allergic to lactose. Or if they are conscious about the artificial treatment being given to the animal like several antibiotics, hormonal injection or excessive amount of growth stimulators as all of these are going to have direct impact on the milk we are getting from it. Oat milk is low in calories and rich in protein and fiber which again makes it ideal for use. It possess a smooth creamy texture. Horeca companies in Dubai are basically a food service industry which offers food and beverages of best taste and quality. So one can get his desirable oat milk from such companies as well. Many people love to have barista oat milk daily as it possess a foamy texture and delicious taste as well.

Full of nutrients:

Oat milk have a good nutritional index as it possess a number of nutrients like carbohydrate, fats, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B12, potassium, calcium, fiber and much more.

Best for a vegetarian:

As you all know that the normal dairy milk comes from animal source. It’s okay for most of the people but some of them are strictly vegetarian and they do not prefer eating anything from animal source. For them oat milk is the best option as milk contains a lot of basic nutrients and a person can not completely eliminate it from his diet plan. Oat milk is prepared from oats and water which means that it solely comes from plant source. Secondly if a person is allergic to lactose, soy or nuts then they should definitely go for oat milk as it is free from all such ingredients.

Rich with vitamin B-complex:

Oat milk is rich in vitamin B-complex like riboflavin and vitamin B12. The complete group of B vitamins is very essential for the overall health of a body as it helps in various physiological processes. They also promote growth of healthy hairs, nails and skin. They are beneficial in elevating mood of a person as well.

Essential for bone health:

Calcium is very important for the strength of bones and it’s deficiency will lead to weaker and hollow bones. On the other hand vitamin D is also very essential as it’s presence is compulsory for the absorption of calcium. Oat milk possess both of the ingredients in sufficient quantity.