What is an Electric Walkie Reach Stacker and Its Characteristics?

Whether you’re looking for a lift truck for your warehouse or need a way to move your pallets, an electric walkie reach stacker is the right choice. They feature a pantographic scissor mast that lets you load and unload products from vehicles at any height. The ride-on model is particularly popular, allowing the operator to sit in a seat while navigating the controls. The counter-balance walkie stacker has a large lifting mast and a longer turning circle.

Unlike other reach stackers, walkie stackers are made with a counter-balance weight, making them ideal for narrow aisles. These lift trucks are usually equipped with a powerful AC traction system. Powered walkie stackers are more powerful and typically require gas or electricity. Controls operate the motor on the machine. They also have a wider range of capacities, making them ideal for warehouses with specialized warehousing sections.

They are perfect for indoor use:

A walkie stacker has small wheels and is perfect for indoor use. They can be purchased with larger wheels to move large items. Depending on the size of the load, the walkie can extend up to 6460mm. It can also be ordered with straddle legs, which allows it to balance a pallet. However, the straddle style is best used in warehouses where floor space is limited.

It is a great option if your storage area is small:

A walkie reach stacker is a great option if your storage area is small and has flat concrete floors. The wheels on walkie stackers are small and should be used on floors without uneven surfaces. You can purchase a walkie stacker with larger wheels, if necessary. It is also more economical than other materials handling vehicles, and its operating costs are less. Besides, walkie stackers produce less carbon footprint than their counterparts, making them a great choice for those with low budgets.

They are also good for smaller-capacity items:

A walkie stacker is a good choice for smaller-capacity items. Unlike a forklift, walkie stackers have small wheels, which are most useful on flat concrete floors. It is a good option for warehouses with high ceilings and flat floors. There are many advantages to using a walkie stacker. One of these is that it doesn’t require a forklift license, and you can purchase it without a forklift license. Additionally, electric walkie stackers don’t have a carbon footprint.