Having a car that has faults and is troubling you makes life really hectic because most of your daily tasks depend on the performance of your car such as reaching your office on time, doing grocery, dropping kids to the school and all. Then there are some people who own a car but do not know which car garage they need to take the car to for required settings and to fix some of the faults it has thrown with time. 

Car owners, in order to save their money, go to the wrong technicians and mechanics. They charge less but are not experienced so they always make other complications in the car while fixing one. Obviously, that unintentionally makes you spend more money to fix the other problems the mechanics have caused.

Two ways in which a car garage can cheat you:

First thing by which they cheat you is with the spare parts. Sometimes the mechanics and technicians install fake spare parts into your car and make you pay for the new car parts. Secondly, they purchase spare parts at a retail price and make you pay a lot by making you think they are the new parts and that is how they add their own margin. Thirdly, they install used spare parts and make you pay for the new ones, these used spare parts get expired earlier and sometimes are already having some faults.

If you try to defeat by telling them that you are going to buy spare parts by yourself from the market then they adopt the other step involved in the process of cheating.

The second step involved in cheating includes telling you that a number of people are involved in fixing your car while there is just one or two working. They also tell you the wrong diagnosis of your car so that you get scared and you have no other option but to fix that problem that is diagnosed. They sometimes make you leave your car for some days at the garage to give you a feeling that there is a massive fault in your car that needs to be fixed with great care and patience but in real that problem can be fixed in just 30 minutes.

Try to go for  experienced and well reputed technicians and mechanics as well as car garages so that you can avoid being cheated at the best.  If you talk specifically about Dubai, then of course it has a number of car garages in Al Quoz out of which some are truly well known for their top quality services. Visit  for further details.