Which is the best Filipino food you can eat for lunch?

In general, the answer is a mixture of both. The Philippine cuisine is diverse and big, so it isn’t easy to pinpoint just one type of dish as the national dish. Fortunately, some of the most popular dishes come from different parts of the country. Listed below are some of the best Filipino food in Dubai. These can range from chicken and pork to seafood and vegetables. But whichever you prefer, you’ll surely find something that suits your tastes!


The main dish is sinigang, a savory soup made from glutinous rice. It’s usually sour and made with pork and is often made with lime, tamarind, or other native acidic fruits. It’s also filled with vegetables and served with rice and patis sauce. This dish can be quite heavy but is great for a light lunch or appetizer.


Another famous Filipino dish is Lechon; a whole roasted pig considered a delicacy. It’s also popular among food bloggers because it’s very rich in vitamin A and is considered the best way to get a vitamin B boost. But don’t limit yourself to just eating pork! If you’re a vegetarian, you should try other dishes instead. A variety of vegetables, including bananas and pineapple, make Filipino food incredibly diverse.

Soups, stews, and grilled dishes:

If you want to try a new dish, there’s a huge variety of options available in the Philippines. The most famous dishes include soups, stews, and grilled dishes. The most popular are oxtail, chicken, and shrimp. Despite being controversial, most Filipinos love them. You can find them for a very reasonable price, too. When it comes to eatables, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of dishes.


The most well-known Filipino food is kaldereta, a dish of boiled duck eggs in coconut milk. It’s similar to Spanish meat stews but is a more flavorful stew version. If you’re looking for something exotic, try suman. Whether you’re craving sweet or salty, a Filipino meal is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Filipino cuisine is rich in spicy dishes, such as pork belly or chicken meat, in terms of spicy food. It is the best way to experience the best Filipino food for vegetarians. Moreover, a traditional dish may not be as familiar as the one in your hometown. If you’re wondering what it is, a Filipino will probably be able to answer your question. There are several kinds of dishes to choose from.