Facts about PGD

PGD stands for Preimplantation genetic disorder which is a procedure which help in sorting about any genetic disability as the name explains. There are many centers of PGD in Dubai which help people in lowering the risk of genetic disorders which is coming down from there ancestors. This procedure is about before implantation which shows that it is done during the procedure of IVF to help in eliminating genetic diseases from the embryo which will then protect the baby. Several of the best IVF clinic in Dubai perform this technique through following procedure:

When embryo was developed for few days then some cells are removed from them for the examination and then the embryos will be frozen for the time being.

The cells are then taken into examination and their DNA will be tested carefully to know about any irregularity if present. This is a lengthy procedure and it will take several days to complete because the cell from each embryo is examined individually and with proper care under the supervision of professionals.

When the examination will end and it will be clear that all the embryos contain genetic disorder free DNAs then the next stage is implantation in which pre-examined embryo is put under the uterus. This stage is performed with the help of IVF procedure. After putting the embryo, doctor will take the patient under observation till the pregnancy test came out positive.

Only one embryo is placed under the uterus to avoid multiple pregnancies and if the test came out positive then all the remaining embryos will be freezed so that they can be used in future. During the examination if any disorder containing embryo is located then these embryos will be destroyed quickly to get the most accurate results.

This whole procedure may take several weeks for completion because a great care should be needed. So it is necessary for the people that they should have some patience during the whole time. People who want to go for PGD with the help of IVF should know about the lengthiness of the procedure so that they will not get into hurry and bother their doctor every other day for the results. If they want good results then they need to wait for several weeks with patience because a work in hurry may spoil the results.