Teeth are a very basic structural component of a human body. They also play a major role in your health and hygiene. Teeth do so much than just chewing down the food and breaking it up into small digestible components but it also goes through grinding and chipping which you may or may not be aware of. Taking care of your teeth may sound easy but knowing more about them will definitely help you along the way.

Consider tooth as a tree. It has two basic components, the visible trunk and the roots underground. A tooth also has a visible crown section which is the white part that is visible in our smile and the roots which lay down in gums making it stand straight and anchoring the crown to gums.

Every tooth has four tissues. Here we have a few basic details about these tissues so that you know importance of them to make sure you take care of it the right way:

  • Enamel

You must have heard this term in advertisements a lot. This is the most important part of a tooth because it acts as skin which protects the sensitive tissues underneath it. Enamel is harder than bone to protect vital tissues and this is why when you get the best dental implant Dubai you will miss your original enamel as it is not the best option as compared to the original one. Try keeping it safe as long as possible.

  • Dentin

Once the enamel wears away after years of eating and hard work, dentin comes into action. It is somewhat similar to enamel with its bone like structure but not quite as hard and strong like it. Dentin is at a great risk of decay as it isn’t used to the direct exposure of food and other things this is why it is protected under a layer.

  • Cementum

It is the one those components that hold the tooth and gums together like a glue. It is light yellow in colour and is usually hidden behind gums. But due to some oral conditions, gums have a potential of catching a disease and shrinking. Once cementum is exposed, there are harmful bacteria waiting for it to attack. Dental veneers in Dubai save you from such things happening.